We are a food takeaway found in the heart of Glasgow. We serve up fresh ingredients in the form of salads, snacks and amazing coffee. We have a beautifully designed shop interior inspired by our ethos of simplicity and quality. We have an uncomplicated menu and straightforward pricing. We look after our employees and we love serving our customers.


Eating food aligned with our personal preferences can be hard to maintain on the move. Finding combinations of unprocessed and fresh ingredients which suit us and fill us up often means we end up compromising our personal food philosophy. So we created sprigg. Customisable, fresh and fast; our bowls are filling, affordable and full of flavour. no more compromising.


We are coffee fanatics with the goal of bringing exceptional seasonal coffee to high street locations. To achieve this we source our beans from an outstanding coffee roastery, employ talented baristas, use world class equipment, price it reasonably and serve it quickly.


We’re redefining what hospitality staff can expect. We pay the UK living wage, we don’t have zero hour contracts, we profit share, we always make pension contributions and we guarantee breaks. Our staff also have a say in everything we do and we support them professionally and personally in any way we can.


Provided it is disposed of through the correct channels all of our packaging is recyclable. Even disposable coffee cups can be recycled in the right facility. We’ve teamed up with a recycling specialist so that if you bring your used packaging back to us you can be confident it will be recycled properly. Even better, we’d be delighted to serve your food and drink in your own reusable vessels.

Weare cashless

Being cashless was not a decision we took lightly, however, the benefits stacked up; speed, hygiene and security for our staff. We’ve paired this with a rapid checkout process so that our staff can get to the next customer and you can get on with your day.


We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into our shops. We felt that revolutionary takeaway food should be served from a revolutionary shop interior. So we created spaces which look amazing and are also brilliantly efficient. Every detail has been considered to make the job easier for our staff and to deliver a customer experience which is effortless and rewarding.

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